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Food Sensitivity

Can your health problems or inability to lose weight be caused by a food sensitivity? Find out with ALCAT testing.

What is the ALCAT Test?

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The ALCAT test can tell you which food is your ‘meat’ and which is your ‘poison.’ It is not a substitute for medical care, but it can be extremely helpful if followed and incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and as an aid in disease prevention. If a medical condition exists, the ALCAT test is helpful used in conjunction with the advice of a qualified health or medical practitioner.

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Comprehensive Wellness 3

  • 150 foods

  • 30 food additives/colorings and preservatives

  • 20 molds

Cost: $1,150 including phlebotomy fee

Comprehensive Wellness 1

  • 200 foods

  • 30 food additives/colorings and preservatives

  • 20 molds

Cost: $1,250 including phlebotomy fee

Platinum Plus

  • 250 foods

  • 50 functional foods and medicinal herbs

  • 30 food additives/colorings and preservatives

  • 20 antibiotics and inflammatory agents

  • 20 molds

Cost: $1,450 including phlebotomy fee

The Difference Between Food Allergy and Sensitivity (Intolerance)

The ALCAT test is a highly sensitive objective test for assessing which foods you may be intolerant or sensitive to. Our bodies react to foods and chemicals in many different ways. One such way is in the form of an immediate allergic reaction. The ALCAT test will not identify immediate food allergies. The ALCAT test does not specifically test for this type of classic or “true” food allergy. Therefore, if you already know that you have a Type 1 or IgE mediated allergy then you must continue to avoid those items, even if after testing they appear on your green or “acceptable” foods list. If you are in any doubt, or have any questions regarding IgE/classic food allergies, please consult with your physician who can assist in identifying these types of “true” food allergies. It is rare that foods cause this type of classic allergy, typically less than 5% of the population.

The ALCAT test identifies food and chemical sensitivities where the symptom onset is longer (several hours to days) and varied (typical in chronic conditions). These types of sensitivities or intolerances affect nearly everyone. 


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"Advanced Wellness taught me-without judging- what I needed to do to get healthy."


- Chris C.


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A Book On Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, And Health Mindset by Dr. Joe Cilea and David Riklan.

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