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Priya Shah


Priya Shah


Priya Shah is a Physician Assistant with a dual interest and expertise in aesthetics and
internal medicine. She attended Rutgers University where she received her Master of
Public Health degree before moving on to achieve her Physician Assistant degree at
Monmouth University.


Working as a Physician Assistant in internal medicine, emphasizing preventative and
non-invasive treatments, led Priya to aesthetic medicine, where she works with clients to achieve their most optimal health and aesthetic outcomes through non-surgical


Priya is as diligent as she is kind, and she believes her expertise is attributed to her
unwavering passion for the field of aesthetics. She provides a range of aesthetic
procedures to her clients including, but not limited to, Botox/neurotoxins, dermal fillers,
radiofrequency, and laser treatments.


In her free time, you can find Priya trying out new coffee shops and exploring quaint
towns with her husband, Nikhil, and puppy, Puff. In her free time without her husband,
you can find Priya shopping!

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