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Nutrition & Weight loss services, advanced wellness aesthetics, advanced wellness aesthetics in nj malboro

Nutrition & Weight Loss Services


Do you have a weight loss goal, but don't know where to start? Advanced Wellness Aesthetics offers a medical weight loss program that is a 100% customized, comprehensive wellness program just for you that fits your lifestyle, body chemistry, and food preferences. We also offer cosmetic treatments that will help tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. We strive to make you feel confident about yourself as your health and happiness is our priority! 

Advanced Wellness Aesthetics works to get to the root causes of your health problems through functional medicine and the ALCAT food sensitivity tests. Using functional medicine, our team uses a holistic approach to treat chronic disease and illness. We focus on getting your body to normal function by restoring nutritional needs and hormonal balance. Can your health problem or inability to lose weight be caused by a food sensitivity? The ALCAT test can tell you which food is your ‘meat’ and which is your ‘poison.’ It is not a substitute for medical care, but it can be extremely helpful if followed and incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and as an aid in disease prevention.

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